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What increases Facebook Traffic?

It is quite interesting to note that Facebook enjoys a better traffic than Google Plus. Generally, Google+ is a specialized site that focuses on diverting traffic towards businesses. WordStream hosted a Facebook vs Google Plus survey recently. The study produced the following results:

  • Facebook enjoys 47.26% of all online visitors.
  • Twitter amuses over 27.51% of the visitors.
  • Google Plus receives 15.42% of the virtual crowd.
  • LinkedIn attracts 9.81% of the crowd.

On the whole, Facebook wins the battle in terms of traffic! Nevertheless, it is quite evident that Google Plus is a crucial social networking site that does have lots of scope for growth.

Focus on Security and Privacy

Security and privacy plays a very important role in the internet. Anything unsafe and insecure will lose its virtual presence in the long run. Conversely, Facebook is renowned for its control over personal data. Many believe that Facebook triggers users to share more personal information. As a result, privacy becomes a big question in the social networking site. While, Google Plus follows strong policies to overcome this problem. You can increase them when you buy google plus ones.

Defining the Value of Facebook and Google Plus

“Facebook vs Google Plus” is defined strongly by value. According to experienced marketers, Google+ has grown remarkably in value. Though Facebook has many methods to promote books, shows and movies; Google Plus has an edge above Facebook. This is because Google+ collects details about the business (or user) and creates customized accounts. Similarly, Google Plus will let you execute web searches. After all, this is what Google is famous for! When you make use of Google Adwords, you will know where to click and scroll. On the other hand, Facebook will let you bond with users friendly and personally. Meanwhile, remember that Google’s click through rates is 1000 times faster than Facebook.

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